One of the ways to gather priceless information about your company is to Ask the People Who Do the Work. It amazes me how so few employers or managers ask their workers  how things might be improved, how to save money or new ways to do things more efficiently. One method to use is Brainstorming. If you have a good combination of employees and even it you don’t, tossing around ideas like a salad, (editorial humor) is a great way to find solutions to existing problems and think of new ways to make money! During our brainstorming session, I make it a point of praising and motivating good ideas and listening to those that may not fit… How many of you have volunteered an idea and been “torpedoed” ? (good word for Army Navy folks!)

At DCA, we have a weekly meeting where we buy lunch. It may be subs, pizza, Chinese, or ??? What matters is that psychologically, food is a comfort and signifies social times and relaxation.  If that is not in the budget, have a potluck where everyone brings something. People do not really mind this because it is like having a party and gives folks something to look forward to in their work week. While we are munching lunch, everyone throws around ideas and we record them. It is a win win situation because we laugh and have fun and actually come up with great ideas.

This allows our staff to be creative, feel empowered, (trite but true!) contribute to the overall success of our company, and feel good about themselves and their jobs. It amazes me how little we apply the “Golden Rule” to anyone any more.  As an adjunct professor, I am tuned into the pulse of multiple generations and they are all reporting how demoralized and how overworked and undervalued they are.


Want to know more? Here’s the scoop.

Recently I was recruited to serve as an adjunct faculty member at a private college. When I attended the first faculty meeting (Yes they served a great lunch!) the Dean and other administrators each came up to me and introduced themselves, offering to help me in any way they could. During the meeting the faculty as a whole was thanked and praised for the good work they. Guess what? The turnover rate there is extremely low. As I go through my orientation, staff and faculty actually listen to me, value what I say and encourage me… WOW!  I am awestruck. Another guess what? The college is expanding at a phenomenal rate.

So, my question to you all is: Do you all do this at your place of business? A soul searching question, is it not? If not , why not?

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