Hayes Tooling and Plastics, Inc., of Olathe, Kansas, manufactures various plastic products that are used by the government, the military, and by everyday people. The company is involved in plastic injection and blow molding, as well as designing and building molds. Though relatively new to the international market, this small company with 10 employees has already reaped the benefits of exporting products through increased sales.

James W. Hayes Jr., president of Hayes Tooling and Plastics, has found that access to international markets through trade shows has opened up numerous profitable channels for his products. Despite its size, the company has been able to do business with countries like Germany, Japan, Mexico, and the United Kingdom owing to Hayes’ ability to reach overseas buyers. As a result, some employee jobs are now dependent on international trade.

Through doing business with international customers, Hayes has strengthened his company with increased sales and new technology. He believes that free trade agreements are integral to securing these benefits and maintaining a thriving business.

“Free trade agreements have ensured that we can compete with other businesses overseas and have also enabled us to access innovative new products,” says Hayes. “I think additional free trade agreements would continue to help my business.”