As I sit looking out the office window, the snow is blowing and piling up…nice to look at, but daunting to those of us who like warmth and sunshine. So how do you make money out of this situation? Stage a “Winter Event” for your store. Provide winter goodies like hot chocolate, mini marshmallows, cookies, etc. Brainstorm with your staff about having some fun things to do for your customers at this event. For example, have a chili cook off using camping equipment, put up a few tents and have some games for kids like ring toss, basketball hoops, fish pond etc. You will be surprised at how many neat ideas you will get from your employees and it makes it fun for them and encourages them to take ownership in the company.

Another idea is to have a “Spring Is Coming” happening…have your staff dress in shorts, colorful shirts, straw hats, etc. (you may have to turn up the heat a bit!) put up some decorations and have some contests to win some prizes.  Who can put on the most military pins in 3 minutes?  Maybe you could put up an obstacle course and blindfold contestants to see who does it the fastest. Do you sell dart boards or bocce balls? Serve some food because we all love food, especially in the winter. You get the idea.

Another important ingredient to this idea is to be sure to market these events so that people will come.  You may need to spend some money, but, if done effectively, it could make you some.

Many people are depressed and/or bored this time of year. Why not give them a chance to beat the winter blues by having some fun, promoting and marketing your store, energizing your employees and making some money? Sounds like a plan to me….