Interview with David Crouch. Partner with Bret Kimmel owners of  Military Outdoor Clothing

How did MOC begin?

Burk Manufacturing began in the 1920s. David Crouch and Bret Kimmel began as sales reps of Burk Manufacturing in the early 1980s. David’s territory was from Texas to North Dakota. Bret’s territory was from East Texas to Florida. David and Bret visited an amazing number of Army Navy Stores, visiting every store within their territories. While David and Bret worked as reps from Monday to Friday, they spent their weekends selling samples at flea markets.

(from L-R) Bret Kimmel, David Crouch, Shari Kenny and Jim Crouch

What makes MOC special or unique?

MOC is a great story of dedicated entrepreneurs starting out of the trunks of their cars with merchandise to an 80,000 square foot warehouse.

In 2007, MOC was approached by the US Army to submit a proposal to develop a new camouflage for the military. The present Universal Camo Pattern was reported to not meet the needs of combat in Afghanistan. The challenge became producing a product that would serve in three environments: woodland, desert and transitional. MOC, after many negotiations with the government submitted a proposal to provide the fabric for the improved camouflage. It was this same year that MOC obtained a unique patent so that the UCP might be considered for adoption by the US government.

The many challenges MOC needed to meet were the many requirements and criteria by the government. The end result is that MOC is among 20 companies vying for this contract and only 3 will be selected. We wish MOC the best of luck in achieving this goal!

What did you like about the Expo in January, 2010. 

The hoards of buyers! David loved the fact that buyers and vendors came from all over the States and abroad to attend the Expo. His personal story is a vendor named Jim Korn who has an army navy store in New York City. Jim is like so many dedicated entrepreneurs: he is too busy to leave his store. He changed his mind when he started to receive ANME email blasts reporting how many people would be participating. This was the catalyst to convince him to attend.

What is your advice to new entrepreneurs in the Army Navy business? 

Make sure you have all the support people you need, including a good accountant. Also, to succeed as an entrepreneur, one must be willing to work long hours, be dedicated and take whatever moral and legal steps are necessary to succeed.  David shared one of his experiences of attending an auction in the snow to obtain the product he needed. Dedication and determination seem to also be necessary ingredients.

Thank you David Crouch for sharing your insights with us.

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