Gilbert Friedman, owner and operator of M & G Sales of Norfolk, VA for 57 years, has passed. His children Laura Friedman Buzard and Larry Friedman now operate the landmark store (Featured photo courtesy of the Friedman family).

The local Norfolk news network posted an obituary in honor of Gil Friedman, a WWII veteran, which can be read HERE.

This excerpt says it best in remembering Gil Friedman and his joyous interactions with M & G customers: “He delighted in watching a customer’s eyes widen when he rang up their $4.50 purchase for $450. A patron who wrote a check and handed over a driver’s license might be asked for a marriage license instead. Friedman once told a woman she couldn’t buy a pilot’s hat from him unless she had a pilot’s license. “And she fooled him: She had one,’ Trudy (his wife) says. ‘He loved to tell that story.'”

Also quoted from the Virginian-Pilot article: “By all accounts, Friedman was a devoted family man and hard worker who put in six days a week at the store that carries everything from military surplus items to camping gear. Uniforms and bomber jackets hang from the ceiling. There are blue military caps, work boots, a display case of knives and one for pins. Camouflage can be seen in every corner.”

Our thoughts go out to the Friedman family. If any of our readers and subscribers within the Army Navy surplus industry had the pleasure of meeting and speaking with Gil at some point over the years, make sure to offer your condolences to his family as well. Friedman was respectful, humorous and devoted to his work with M & G Sales. Within the extensive collection of stories and characters in the surplus industry, Friedman and his legacy will hold a spot in many hearts.