By: Kyle MacNall

The Trednot Shotgun Adapter has a very simple and sturdy design that anybody can use. The adapter comes in various sizes ranging from 20 gauge, 410, 22 short, 38, and 45 ACP. It loads just like a shotgun shell into any single shot or double barrel break action 12-gauge shotgun.  The user then loads the smaller shotgun or pistol round into the adapter.

When I turned twelve, my dad bought me my first gun. A single shot 12 gauge that we call the Russian Mule. It has “Made in the USSR” etched into its side and it kicks like crazy. Because of the excessive recoil, it mostly collects dust in my gun cabinet. I used the 12 to 20 gauge adapter and feel like I have a great new small game gun that I am excited to take into the woods. After firing it multiple times, I have noticed no difference in the pattern.


This adapter is a must-carry in any store with firearm accessories. In my case it has revitalized an old gun that was rarely used. It’s also a great way to introduce children to shooting without bruising their shoulder, as my father did. Just put in the 20 gauge or 410 adapter instead of having to buy a whole new gun.

Lastly, this is the perfect product to promote to the Prepper crowd as the “Ultimate Survival Tool.” A person can buy one of each size for less than the cost of a single gun and then use almost any ammunition they come across. I highly recommend this product to any sports enthusiast or recreational shooter.

If you would like more information on these shotgun adapters, send an email to or call (231) 388-1646.