Zubin AxeThe Zubin Axe Survival Staff has been called “the ultimate multi-tool survival stick.” One look at it and you’ll quickly see this is not your average hiking stick. The shaft of the Zubin Axe is a made of hard and durable hickory wood. The rubber grip is designed to fit comfortably in your hand and limits slip. Above the grip is a removable bracket that allows the user to interchange the multiple attachments that come with the complete set. It is obvious that time and money were spent designing and creating the attachments. These accessories are all made of extremely durable 440C stainless steel. There is an axe, hunting spear, fishing spear, sling shot, saw and compass. The staff stands at about five feet tall and also comes with a shorter one foot version to use the attachments as hand tools.

The primary attachment is the actual Zubin Axe. This is the most unique design I have ever seen for an axe blade. It reminds me of a halberd that would be carried by an axe wielding warrior in medieval times. The axe blade itself has a curved sharpened edge on one side. This edge works great for chopping wood like a hatchet or axe. However, it is really not designed for splitting large logs. The back side of the blade is also sharpened, but with a unique angle to it. I found this side to be best used for cutting rope or sharpening sticks for spears or stakes. The axe head comes with a heavy duty rubber cover that tightly hugs the blade when not in use.

The next attachment is the hunting spear. Again, the edge on this blade is very sharp. This hunting spear is a more standard symmetrical design with a double edged blade. Like the Axe blade, the spear comes with a hard rubber cover which locks into place. With some practice and a lot of stealth, one could easily kill a small game animal, or possibly something larger like a deer or boar. After only a few attempts I was able to get the spear to stick firmly in my archery deer target from about 20 feet. Luckily it didn’t hear me coming.

Next is the fishing spear attachment. The fishing spear has two prongs with a barbed tip. The barb will ensure that any fish or frog that you spear does not simply slide off. As with the previous two attachments, the fishing spear has its own cover. It is a hard rubber cover with an elastic band attached to the base that pulls the cover down tightly on the points. If you’re near water, spearing frogs and fish will likely be much easier than trying to sneak up on a rabbit in the woods.

The saw attachment measures in at about 8 inches. The saw blade quickly rips through branches and brush. The saw can be used to gather wood for shelter and fire. The staff helps you to reach higher branches. I found it very useful when clearing shooting lands or hanging a tree stand. It also made light work of pruning up some trees around my house.

Probably one of the coolest attachments is the sling shot. My brother and I stood side by side with his wrist rocket and my Zubin Sling Shot. With a little practice I found little to no difference in accuracy or range. First, I used the sling shot with the short handled which just seemed to make the most sense. I then put it on the full staff and found that my accuracy, especially at a longer range, immediately increased.

The complete set comes with a convenient small carrying case. However, I feel the carrying case could really use a belt loop so one can hang it on the hip while in the woods. It is just a little too large to fit in your pants pocket. MSRP on the Zubin Axe is $320. That may sound a bit expensive when you think of a hiking stick, compared to other high end sticks that cost around $120-$150. Once you add the additional costs of an axe, a hatchet, both spears, sling shot and a saw to a standard hiking stick, the cost adds up quickly. Not to mention the added weight and simple inconvenience of trying to carry all of these bulky tools into the woods. A Zubin Axe display on your showroom floor will quickly draw attention and be a favorite among hiking and outdoor enthusiasts. For more information on the Zubin Axe contact the creator, Bahram Knoshnood at info@zubinaxe.com or give them a call at 470-545-2352.