mafosse-hatEveryone loves baseball caps. There is something inherently cool about wearing one, aside from the practical use of keeping the sun out of one’s eyes. Baseball caps have always been a fashion staple, and are an item of choice when expressing opinions and allegiances. One of the inconveniences of them is that that the designs and logos attached to the caps are permanently in place, so to switch logos you would have to wear a different cap. The MOLLE tactical baseball cap provides a solution to that issue.

The Mafoose version is a six-panel baseball cap with a pre-curved bill. This company offers a variety of camouflage patterns – the ones I saw were in patterns similar to multicam, chocolate chip, and all black. The cap is made of cotton and polyester, and the adjustable back uses loop and hook material as opposed to the usual plastic snap holes. The caps seem to be more geared towards people with normal or smaller heads. Some of my larger-headed friends couldn’t get the hat to properly fit.

What makes this cap unique is the MOLLE-inspired, VELCRO-styled areas placed on the front (3”x2”), back (3.5”x1”) and top (1”x1”) of the caps. This allows you to fully customize your hat with any hook-and-loop patch you want to use. The hats come with a generic United States flag patch in the same colors as the hat, but that can easily be mixed and matched with the flag patches from other hats with different colors, or even replaced with any patch at all. These patches can be from a favorite branch of military service, a specific regimen, a patch proclaiming yourself as a veteran of a specific campaign, or a patch showing how much you love to fish and hunt. You can attach a name or favorite slogan on the back of your hat. With the MOLLE system, it’s almost like being able to have a different cap every day.

Your customers will love the versatility and novelty of a tactical baseball cap. Be sure to keep a variety of colors of the cap available, and a good selection of hook-and-loop patches so that patrons can customize their new hats.